How to install Android Kitkat 4.4 on ALL! android Phones

Many of you've wished that he can install kitkat on his phone, with this tutorial you will be able to install not just Kitkat but all android versions that you want!!

So, we start by what we need first:
Note : We are not responsible any damage, please note that you've to follow steps carefully :D
1- Rom manager
Download from here:

2- Install ClockworkMod Recovery

If you don't have ClockworkMod Recovery see how to install it from here :

3- If you finish installing CWM continue to this step if not please install it first.

Do a backup to your contacts, Sms, files, apps and ROM
Note : you can backup your Rom via CWM, just open ROM manager and choose reboot on recovery mode than choose Dackup All [first picture]

4- After this step all will be deleated!

Download Cyanogenmod [ you have to download your phone's version ]

Cyanogenmod 11 --------> Android Kitkat 4.4.x
Cyanogenmod 10 --------> Android JellyBeans 4.0.x
Cyanogenmod 9 --------> Android 4.0.x

Cyanogenmod 7 --------> Android 2.3.x

Download from here:

Note : if you don't found your phone's version of Cyanogenmod just research on google it's easy to find one :D
5-Download Google apps package
Than download google apps package that's match to cyanogenmod version you've choosed

from here:

6- Copy both Cyanogenmod and gapps *zip packages to SD memory card
7- Installing Cyanogenmod

1-Reboot your phone on recovery mode using Rom manager
2-When you enter to CWM screen:
- choose wipe data factory
- choose Yes
- Return to main menu
- Choose Advanced
- wipe dalvik cache
- Than wipe Battery stats
- Return
- choose zip from SD card
- choose cm-xx [cyanogenmod zip file] and choose install
- than choose zip from SD again and this time install gapps zip file
- return back to home screen and choose wipe cache partition
- Choose Reboot .

[you can see this step as a video from here: VIDEO]

* CWM = ClockworkMod
8- DONE! congratulations Cyanogenmod is now instaled on your phone :D

9- If you want to install kitkat download cyanogenmod 11