How to root all Android phones within one click!

            Of course a lot of you've searched every where for their phone root but they did not find anything!
That why I've made this post where I'll present you a method that is compatible with all android devices :)
So, we start by what you need:

1- USB cable

2- Android Phone :D

3- SRSRoot for Android

4- ADB driver installer

5- Your device Kies ( Driver that comes with your phone you can find it easily on your phone's website ) 


How To Root:

1-Apply USB debugging mode on your phone:

2- Open ADB driver to be sure that your phone is correctly installed if not click install

3- Now open SRSroot and press "ROOT Device":

Note: it's better to choose smart root first.

4- Wait until you get "Rooting Complete"

Congratulations!! your phone is ROOTED now !

See tested devices from here: