Creating android apps with the new visual studio 2015 !

By now you will have heard the exciting news that Visual Studio 2015 supports C++ development on Android (and that includes an Emulator for Android).
Obviously no development experience is complete without debugging support, so this means that Visual Studio 2015 supports debugging C++ code running on Android. With this new debug engine, the debugging experience you’ll get includes (but is not limited to):
Below is a screenshot showing Visual Studio stopped at a breakpoint in C++ code for an Android app. You can see in the processes window the “Debugging” column shows “Native (GDB-based)” indicating this is Visual Studio’s GDB based debug engine for Android. image
In Visual Studio 2015 Preview, it is worth noting the following limitations for C++ debugging
  • Debugging requires Android 4.2 or above (Jelly Bean—API level 17)
  • Stop debugging does not kill the app (it remains running)
Additionally the following debugger functionality is not supported:
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