How to install android Lollipop on your android phone !!

        Hi Guys, Now you can install the android 5 Lollipop on your smartphone, follow the instructions Carfully and note that we are not responsible of any damage which might be caused to your phone!
so please pay attention to the steps and ask in the comments section below if you want a clarification in a step you didn't understand.

1 # check the list below to make sure your phone is compatible with this method.

AsusTransformer Pad TF300Ttf300ttablet11 M1212
Barnes & NobleNook TabletacclaimeReader11 M1212
GoogleNexus 4makophone11 M1212Manufactured by LG.
GoogleNexus 5hammerheadphone11 M1112Manufactured by LG.
GoogleNexus 5 (CAF)hammerheadcafphone11 M1112Manufactured by LG.
GoogleNexus 6shamuphoneN/A12Manufactured by Motorola
GoogleNexus 7 (2012 version) (GSM)tilapiatablet11 M1012Manufactured by Asus.
GoogleNexus 7 (2012 version) (Wi-Fi)groupertablet11 M1212Manufactured by Asus.
GoogleNexus 7 (2013 version) (Wi-Fi)flotablet11 M1212Manufactured by Asus.
GoogleNexus 7 (2013 version) (4G)debtablet11 M1212Manufactured by Asus
GoogleNexus 9 (Wi-Fi)floundertabletN/A12Manufactured by HTC.
GoogleNexus 10mantatablet11 M1112Manufactured by Samsung.
HTCButterflydlxphone11 M1212Also marketed as the HTC Droid DNA
HTCDesire 816a5PhoneN/A12
HTCEvo 4G LTEjewelphone11 M1212
HTCOne (GSM)m7phone11 M1212
HTCOne (Sprint)m7sprphone11 M1212
HTCOne (Verizon)m7vzwphone11 M1212
HTCOne (2014)m8phone11 M1212
HTCOne Maxt6phone11 M1212
HTCOne Max (Sprint)t6sprphone11 M1212
HTCOne Max (Verizon)t6vzwphone11 M1212
HTCOne Mini 2memulphone11 M1212
HTCOne Svillephone11 M1212
HTCOne X (Snapdragon S4)evitaphone11 M1212Also marketed as the HTC One XL
LGG2 (AT&T)d800phone11 M612
LGG2 (T-Mobile)d801phone11 M912
LGG2 (International)d802phone11 M1212
LGG2 (Sprint)ls980phone11 M912
LGG3 (AT&T)d850phoneN/A12
LGG3 (Canada)d852phoneN/A12
LGG3 (T-Mobile)d851phoneN/A12
LGG3 (Verizon)vs985phoneN/A12
LGLG G-Pad 8.3v500tablet11 M1212
LGOptimus G (International)e975phone11 M1212
LGOptimus G (AT&T)e970phone11 M1012
LGOptimus G Pro (All e98x GSM)e980phone11 M1012
LGOptimus G Pro (Sprint)ls970phone11 M1012
MotorolaAtrix HDmb886phone11 M212
MotorolaDroid 4maseratiphone11 M1212
MotorolaDroid Bionictargaphone11 M1212
MotorolaDroid MiniDroid Maxx,UltraobakephoneN/A12
MotorolaDroid Razrspyderphone11 M1212
MotorolaDroid Razr HD (GSM)xt925phone11 M212
MotorolaDroid Razr HD (CDMA)xt926phone11 M212
MotorolaDroid Razr HD (4.1 bootloader)xt926_jbblphoneN/A12
MotorolaDroid Razr HD, Razr Mmoto_msm8960phone11 M1212
MotorolaDroid Razr Mxt907phone11 M212
MotorolaPhoton Q (GSM)xt897phone11 M212
MotorolaMoto EcondorphoneN/A12
MotorolaMoto G (1st generation)falconphone11 M612
MotorolaMoto G (2nd generation) (2014)titanphoneN/A12
MotorolaMoto G 4GperegrinephoneN/A12
MotorolaMoto MaxxquarkphoneN/A12
MotorolaMoto Xghostphone11 M1212
MotorolaMoto X (2nd generation) (2014)VictaraphoneN/A12
MotorolaRazrumts_spyderphone11 M1212
OnePlusOnePlus Onebaconphone11 M1112Phone ships with CyanogenMod 11S, a dedicated version of CyanogenMod, as its base OS.
OppoFind 5find5phone11 M1112
OppoFind 7find7phone11 M812
OppoFind 7 QHDfind7sphoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note II (GSM LTE)t0ltephone11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Note II (Sprint)l900phone11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Note II (Verizon)i605phone11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Note 3hltephone11 M1212
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 (Sprint)hltesprphoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile)hltetmophoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 4 (International)trltexxphoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 4 (Sprint)trltesprphoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 4 (T-Mobile)trltetmophoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 4 (USC)trlteuscphoneN/A12
SamsungGalaxy Note 8.0 (Wi-Fi)n5110tablet11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1 (Verizon)i925tablet11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Premiersuperiorphone11 M1012
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 8.4mondrianwifitablet11 M1212
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (Wi-Fi)picassowifitablet11 M1112
SamsungGalaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi)klimtwifitabletN/A12
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 ActivejactiveltephoneN/A12
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)jflteattphone11 M312
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (LTE) (International)jfltexxphone11 M312
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (Sprint)jfltesprphone11 M312
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (LTE) (T-Mobile)jfltetmophone11 M312
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (LTE) (Verizon)jfltevzwphone11 M312
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 (LTE-A) (GT-I9506)ks01ltephoneN/A12
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini(International 3G)serrano3gxxphone11 M1212
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini(International LTE)serranoltexxphone11 M1212
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S5kltephoneN/A12
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint)kltesprphoneN/A12
SonyXperia LtaoshanphoneN/A12
SonyXperia MnickiphoneN/A12
SonyXperia Tmintphone11 M1212
SonyXperia Tablet Z (GSM)polluxtablet11 M1212
SonyXperia Tablet Z (Wi-Fi)pollux_windytablet11 M1212
SonyXperia Tablet Z2 (GSM/LTE)castortablet11 M1212
SonyXperia Tablet Z2 (WiFi)castor_windytablet11 M1112
SonySony Xperia Tablet Z3 CompactscorpiontabletN/A12
SonySony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact(WiFi)scorpion_windytabletN/A12
SonyXperia Vtsubasaphone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z Ultratogariphone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z Ultra (GPE)togari_gpephone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z1honamiPhone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z1 CompactamamiPhone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z2siriusPhone11 M1212
SonyXperia Z3z3PhoneN/A12
SonyXperia Z3 Compactz3cPhoneN/A12

You ca also try android Kitkat from here : http://andro*******.com/2014/04/********android-kitkat-44-on-all.html

2 # Download the custom rom compatible with YOUR phone (just your phone model)

Make sure you downloaded the zip beginning with ""

from here : https://download.c********.org

3 # You need to install CWM ( clockworkmod ) on your phone

You can learn how from my last post : http://andro*******.com/2014/04/********android-kitkat-44-on-all.html

4 # Copy the custom rom .zip  file to your sd Card
5 # Reboot your phone and get into CWM ( by pressing specific buttons ) 
6 # from CWM "wipe data factory reset" than "wipe cache partition" than "wipe dalvick cache"

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7# select "install zip from SD card" than choose the zip file you put on SD card.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "steps of flashing a zip on cwm"

8# Reboot system

Important: If You do not understand something ask please :D

Your phone will look something like this :D