How to play Android games with a Playstation Joystick.

         Smartphones and tablets allow you to play with appropriate controls that suit most often to applications. But how many times have you said it would be still better with a joystick? And often, we have a PS3 or PS4 pad at home. Rejoice! With this tutorial you can use your favorite joystick on Android!

If you are a player on Android and want an efficient controller to play, there are many solutions. One of them is to play with your PlayStation controller on your Android smartphone or tablet. With this tutorial you will be able to play via Bluetooth wireless with PlayStation controller.


- You must have a smartphone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.
- Your device must be ROOTE. If it does not, you can easily with Towelroot or otherwise.
- You must have a PS3 controller or PS4 with its mini USB charging cable.

How to connect and use your PS3 controller or PS4 to play on Android

- Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
- Download application "Sixaxis Compatibility Checker" [link bellow]  to see if your smartphone or tablet is compatible. Warning: Your device must be ROOTE for this to work.

- Download Sixaxis Pair Tool on your PC (free) , then validate the various stages of the installation until it looks for a controller.
- Connect Sixaxis PS3 controller to the PC using the USB cable. You will see a series of numbers on the software corresponding to the MAC address of the PS3.
- To replace this MAC address to that of your smartphone or tablet, launch the Android Sixaxis Controler application, click "Start", then you will see your "Local Bluetooth Address" appear at the bottom of your phone's screen.
- Copy there in the only field available on the PC, and click "Update".
- Download now the Sixaxis Controller [link bellow] app on your Android. It costs 1.94 euro but will allow you to use a PlayStation pad as Android gamepad and more.

- Disconnect the PS3 controller to your computer, press the center circle of the controller, then press the "Start" button Sixaxis Controller that you just downloaded (Do not forget to turn on Bluetooth).
The LED on the controller should be on. It is possible to connect up to four pads.
- Your controller is now well connected to your device! If you want to disconnect, press the "Stop" button in the application.

How to set the PS3 controller to play

In the latest versions of Sixaxis Controller, besides the support of PlayStation 4 levers that have escaped anyone, there is a setting to switch the pad to an official gamepad for Android. With this little feature, most games now walk natively with a wireless controller.

Let's admit that this step saves us a lot of hassle. Everything is fully functional with here in our example the inevitable Dead Trigger 2 that acquires a new dimension through this game mode.

- Start Sixaxis Controller.
- Visit the application settings.
- Go to "Settings Gamepad".
- Check "Enable Gamepad".

- Start Dead Trigger 2 [link bellow].
- The game should immediately recognize the controller, as you can notice in the following screenshot certified without setting other than this tutorial.